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BOXTCODE is a simple 4 digit code, that people and businesses can use at any time.

Long phone numbers, website address are just not practical, so we have stripped it back and made it super easy for people to get what they want. If you see a BOXTCODE on a car, on a van, on a billboard, on the TV, or even hear about it on the radio, you have got you simple 4 digit 'key' to get it.

Because it's just 4 digits, you will remember it, and you can get to it by:

  • Entering the code into BOXTCODE.COM
  • Entering the code into our smartphone application
  • Searching for the BOXTCODE in Google

BOXTCODE's range from being free, to paying a small fee for more premium codes, which helps to pay for the server and administration. We can't wait to see a BOXTCODE on every tradies van, and make it super cheap for them to advertise and just plain easier for you to get to them.

Our short term memory is short

Studies confirm what magicians capitalise on – our short term memory max out at 4 to 5 things and unless we are trained, it is hard to remember more than this.

Check out the National Geographic Test your brain series, it's a blast and it explains why we built BOXTCODE with only 4 digits.

Postcodes, PIN numbers, 24hr time…

Wherever you're from, we all use 4 digit codes a lot more frequently than anything else.

Billions of uses

The internet duplicates valuable codes by adding .com or .au etc, however with geolocation aware smartphones, the phone knows where you are and gives you the right code for your location. That means you only need the code ‘PETE’ in Sydney, not in New Zealand. Everyone can still find other PETE’s , but if they are in Sydney, they get you!